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Case Study: Australian Carers

Key Solutions:

  • Allowed staff members to modify and customise form templates
  • Enabled NDIS participants to sign documents on a tablet
  • Provided prompt customer support tailored to the organisation

About Australian Carers

Australian Carers is a registered NDIS provider with offices in New South Wales and South Australia. Their services include home nursing, household and pet care tasks, community participation, meal preparation, and more.

They operate using the social model of disability, which treats disability as a difference and not as a medical issue that needs to be cured.

Their mission is to help clients “feel inspired, attend and participate in community events and achieve a happy fulfilled life …. ideally within their own home environment.

Their policies and procedures have been audited to meet the standards of the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission. They’re also featured on the NDIS website as a provider of approved support workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

Since Australian Carers provide services across multiple states, having access to online forms and remote document storage is key to running the organisation efficiently.

As an NDIS provider, Australian Carers is paid directly by the NDIS, and handles a team working flexible hours, adding more paperwork to the process.

And of course, all of their documents, from NDIS referral letters to service agreements, need to be processed securely according to the Australian Privacy Principles.

Before Snapforms, they used a process that was entirely paper-based. Although they tried other online solutions, none of them were what they were looking for.

They required Australian Carers to “totally modify their forms” and had “no personal contact for help in any areas at all.”

Finding a balance between technical features and ease of use was difficult:

Although we live in a modern ‘tech world,’ not all our clients and staff have printers and scanners at home to be able to sign and send back [documents].”

Snapforms as a Solution

Ultimately, Australian Carers decided to try Snapforms.

They were drawn to it because it was an Australian company with “fantastic pricing, great service and the ability to instantly make changes to documents as needed.”

Now, they prefill and email many of their forms, saving time, money and paper.

They also make use of Snapforms’ digital signature options to create legally-binding documents that can be signed on a tablet:

If one of our staff members is with an NDIS participant discussing services, we simply [put] the document on a tablet, and after it’s explained the participant signs with [their] finger and copies are emailed to all parties instantly.”

In addition to storing online form responses securely on Australian-based servers, the Snapforms customer support team has been helpful and responsive: “It really has been a refreshing change to deal with a company that works fast, is extremely efficient and will make changes that are needed to suit us as an organisation.

Australian Carers has been able to implement online forms for a variety of purposes, including job applications, customer feedback, contact forms and more.

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