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Case Study: Esse Psychology

Key Solutions:

  • Provided a secure solution for the transfer of patient information
  • Met the profession’s guidelines for confidentiality and data security
  • Offered add-on features to streamline communication with clients

About Esse Psychology

Esse Psychology is a private practice run by psychologist Amanda Allan, with offices in Melbourne and Euroa, Victoria. The name refers to ideas of “existence, essential nature and being,” which Esse works to explore with individual patients and with groups.

Esse Psychology uses a variety of approaches, from existential philosophy to cognitive therapy, to help patients deal with adversity and cope with challenging circumstances. This includes distress linked to “trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.”

Since Esse offers therapy services for humanitarian volunteers, medical professionals and front-line workers, it was especially important to be able to offer continued access to services to those impacted by COVID-19.

Some of these services include personal counselling, professional support, and skills training workshops for rural businesses.

Amanda also has experience working with international aid organizations through The Humanitarian, which provides trainings in Australia and overseas.

The Challenge

Esse Psychology had been looking to move away from paper forms for years, but the impact of COVID-19 and the rise of telehealth has “accelerated the need to convert to electronic form filling.” As Amanda explains:

Facsimiles and unencrypted emails [and] transmissions do not meet the profession’s guidelines for transfer of sensitive information.

With in-person workshops on pause and the Melbourne office closed to face-to-face consultations, it was time to transition to an online solution. However,

Seeking an Australian privacy & security standard solution in the transfer of personal information has been the biggest concern.

Esse Psychology needed forms that were user-friendly and accessible to a wide variety of patients, while also protecting their data under the Australian Privacy Principles.

Snapforms as a Solution

Snapforms turned out to be an ideal solution on both counts.

Noticing that “a range of reputable medical and health services used Snapforms,” Esse Psychology decided to give the platform a try.

In addition to being “professional and well organised,” it has an “informative website that addresses many key issues pertaining to security of data,” including modern encryption and authentication practices, and a network of Australian-based servers.

Also, Snapforms offers a “suite of add-on features,” such as payment processing and management software integrations, and responsive customer support.

So far, unbelievable,” says Amanda. “No task or request seems a bother or too hard, no matter the time of day. A service that stands out from many others.

While adapting to remote appointments can be a challenge for any practice, Snapforms has made the transition to telehealth a more manageable process:

Snapforms will be invaluable for streamlining communication with clients, from intake and consent forms to reviews and workshop sign ups.”

Now, remote telehealth appointments are available for new and returning clients alike, making it easier for patients to reach out and get the support they need.

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