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Case Study: Holt Farming

Holt Farming wanted forms that were suitable for a distributed workforce and that could hold up to the challenges of farm life. Snapforms offered a comprehensive solution that could handle timesheets, incident reports and more.

Key Solutions:

  • Provided industry-specific forms for accurate record-keeping.
  • Reduced the cost of printing and replacing damaged forms.
  • Offered an initial trial period with prompt customer support.

About Holt Farming

Holt Farming is a sweet potato producer based in the Bundaberg region of Queensland. Along with Sweet Potatoes Australia, they work with other farms to provide a consistent supply of sweet potato products to local and international consumers year-round.

They produce popular gold sweet potatoes, as well as white and purple varieties, which requires complex crop management, soil care, and weather forecasting practices.

In addition, the supply chain includes Value Add and Packing facilities where the sweet potatoes are cleaned, stored and processed to meet international quality standards.

All told, Holt Farming has to process a lot of paperwork in order to keep things running smoothly, including:

  • timesheets
  • plant and equipment pre-starts
  • incident, accident and hazard reports
  • and a variety of other forms from multiple locations across the region

The Challenge

Until recently, Holt Farming relied on entirely paper-based forms that were filled out by hand, which presented them with a range of issues:

With a workforce spread over a wide geographical area, each supervisor would need to regularly visit the main office to re-stock their supply of forms and submit anything they had completed… On a regular basis forms were lost, destroyed, or at best, stockpiled and forgotten about.”

Not only that, but forms would show up “covered in dirt and slightly mangled” due to being handled in a farming environment!

Holt Farming wanted a secure online solution that would enable them to distribute and collect forms without the need for so much manual processing.

Storage was also becoming a challenge:

The sheer volume of forms … required a considerable space for filing and archiving; which in turn required further registers and record keeping.” 

It became harder for them to see the “big picture” when all of their data was stored in separate repositories without digital backups.

Snapforms as a Solution

Holt Farming went looking for a digital solution, and “Snapforms was the only provider we could find that offered a user-friendly experience at a reasonable price point.”

They decided to give it a try “primarily for its ease of use and implementation,” including the “the ability to create, modify and update forms in real time.”

Customer support was “extremely prompt, helpful and friendly” – both during the initial trial period and after they became a client.

Some of the benefits they’ve seen include:

  • Savings on office stationery, paper and printer toner
  • Less physical space required for archiving forms
  • A more efficient and happier workforce

Since moving to Snapforms, “workers in the field no longer need to take valuable time out of their day to file paperwork at the office.… Timesheets can be completed on a mobile device in the field and submitted [digitally].”

This has resulted in an increase in compliance, a more streamlined induction of new staff, and best of all, “no more chasing up timesheets from field workers.”

Holt Farming says that the Snapforms interface is “simple and easy to use” and “the cost-benefit ratio for our business has been excellent.

Thanks to Snapforms, they’ve been able take their business into the digital age, while keeping their records safe on secure Australian-based servers.

They can view and export their forms at any time, without having to worry about them getting lost in transit or covered in dirt!

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