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Case Study: Melbourne Football Club

The Melbourne Football Club needed a mobile-responsive form provider that could be used across departments. Snapforms provided a customisable solution that MFC could use alongside its existing marketing automation platform.

Key Solutions:

  • Provided mobile-responsive forms that display well on all devices
  • Offered integrations with existing marketing automation tools
  • Delivered prompt customer support via live chat and email

About Melbourne Football Club

The Melbourne Football Club (aka The Demons) has been around since 1858, making it the oldest professional football club in the world. The MFC is based in Melbourne, and it plays home games at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Yarra Park.

As a major name in the Australian sports community, the Melbourne Football Club has to maintain relationships with its players, fans, and corporate partners alike.

That makes for a vast array of online forms, surveys and other marketing tools used in various promotional channels. Customers need to be able to access and fill out forms on their computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices, all with consistent MFC branding and a smooth user experience.

The Challenge

The Melbourne Football Club has been using online form and survey builders for years, but couldn’t find one that met the needs of all of its departments. Each provider had its own pros and cons, but one consistent issue was a lack of mobile responsiveness:

We run a lot of campaigns and competitions that have a primary focus of generating new leads and prospects and it was critical that all our forms were accessible and displayed well across all devices,” they explain.

Another concern was not having a bird’s-eye view of their data because it was spread out across a combination of tools:

Having a variety of different products made it difficult for us to have a holistic view of how our data capture initiatives were performing and made the task of reviewing and importing data to our master database far more challenging than it needed to be.”

Also, not every platform was modern enough to adapt to changes in the industry:

“As technology advanced and our marketing strategies became more sophisticated we also needed to find a platform that would allow any of our online forms to speak to our marketing automation platform.”

None of their existing platforms ticked all the boxes. Ultimately, they realized that they “needed to consolidate and find the platform that was right for the business.”

Snapforms as a Solution

Once they gave Snapforms a try, they found that it “ticked the boxes for us in terms of delivering on all the key functionality we would require in a form builder platform.

This includes:

  • Data capture in a central location
  • User-friendly form building tools
  • Forms that display well across all device

Now, each department can self-manage their own forms, using tools and templates that allow for easy customisation of form fields and branding. All form responses are stored securely on Australian-based servers, and can be viewed and exported at any time.

Additionally, Snapforms offers “conditional logic and advanced integration features that allow us to build more complex, multi-page forms when required.”

Switching to Snapforms has made it easy for the Melbourne Football Club to modernise its online forms, while maintaining existing professional relationships:

We’ve recommended Snapforms to a number of partners that we work with and they seem as happy with the product as we are.

They’ve also had a positive experience with Snapforms’ technical support team, who they found to be “incredibly responsive and helpful via live chat and email.

With all of their technical issues out of the way, they can focus on delivering high-quality competitions and surveys as part of their ongoing marketing campaigns.

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