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Case Study: Mullumbimby Psychology

As their business grew, Mullumbimby Psychology knew they had to find a way to streamline their processes if they were going to be able to keep up with the administrative demands.

  • They wanted to implement a fully digital solution that would integrate with their Cliniko practice management software
  • Snapforms is helping to streamline their client intake processes and data collection at a fraction of the cost of expensive CRM systems
  • They now use secure online forms to collect digital signatures, automatically score DASS questionnaire responses, and automatically update their waitlist

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As their client list grew longer and their business grew with it, the team at Mullumbimby Psychology embraced digital technology for two key reasons.

Firstly, it helped them to streamline processes and keep up with the administrative demands they now face on a daily basis.

And secondly, they had an environmental strategy that mandated the reduction of paper use and waste.

Removing the bottlenecks

The combination of Cliniko’s practice management software and the reMarkable 2 paper tablet transformed the way the team took treatment notes.

But there was still at least one major bottleneck – managing new clients and getting them into their system efficiently. Every time a new client joined the wait list, there was a time-consuming process of data entry, document scanning and file uploads.

What was the business challenge?

Implementing a modern CRM system or developing custom-built software to manage all their clients were two potential, but expensive, options.

We were going to custom build an automated process.

“We started this whole journey where we were going to custom build an automated process,” recalls Michaela Killips, Mullumbimby Psychology’s Principal Psychologist.

“And we got a little way down the track with that, and then right as we were jumping in and committing to other software I thought, I’ll have another look at the Cliniko page just to see if there were any new integrations and I saw Snapforms.”

After exploring the functionality and capabilities that Snapforms provides, Michaela realised just how many bottlenecks they could remove using these secure online forms.

How was the solution implemented?

“Instead of doing the expensive CRM system, we use Snapforms’ simple Google Sheets integration for our waitlist – with pivot tables and a bit more high-end functionality,” explains Michaela.

It automatically updates our waitlist, which is amazing.

“Every time you have a new client complete a waitlist form, it automatically updates our waitlist, which is amazing.”

Clients can fill in the new client form in person at the practice using a tablet or simply get a link via email or the website and fill it in on their smartphone or computer.

“People will walk in off the street and we have an iPad in our wait room so they can complete the form here,” says Michaela.

“And we have a link on our website – so people can click on the Make an Appointment link and that takes them to the form.”

“Once they fill it in and press submit, it automatically syncs up with Google Sheets.”

We’ve got more time to do things well.

“It enables a higher level of professionalism in the business because we’ve got more time to do things well.”

The team now has around 30 online forms that have already saved the team hours which would have otherwise been spent at the scanning machine and uploading to their systems.

They now use a variety of Snapforms’ online questionnaires such as the DASS (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scales 21) form to automate data collection.

“They complete it in the waiting room on the iPad,” explains Michaela.

“Several fields can be synced into Cliniko, too. The intake form is automatically uploaded to the client profile – and the depression and anxiety questionnaire is automatically scored and uploaded.”

Michaela asked Snapforms if it was possible to modify the DASS-21 form so it generated a score automatically once completed.

“We got the standard DASS form and asked Snapforms to edit it for us… they were able to score it and now it provides the range as well – whether you’re in the normal, mild, moderate, severe or extremely severe ranges – it’s automatically produced as an output – it’s instantaneous.”

“It’s done in the waiting room and then the psychologist hears the bing in Cliniko so they know the client’s arrived and they know it’s a new person.

“When we send out an initial appointment reminder we have the links for all of the Snapforms in those appointment templates, so we’ve got specific initial templates for the first time clients come in.

We’ve got more time to spend getting good data.

So instead of our time being spent on scanning, it’s now more checking to see if people have done what they were meant to do – if their name is spelt right, checking data quality – it means we’ve got more time to spend getting good data as opposed to spending time scanning it in.”

Streamlining telehealth services

Michaela says Snapforms has also helped them streamline their telehealth services.

“When we’re doing telehealth, if a client needs a report written we can send them a link to the Request a Report template – they can provide us all the details, sign to exchange and release information, and we’ve got a digital signature.

“We’re able to send people a DASS form and it’s automatically loaded up while we’re having a telehealth session.

“You can even send it through the chatbox when you’re doing a telehealth session, so that kind of stuff really helps.”

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