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Case Study: MyChiro

Key Solutions:

  • Provided a single platform to process over 720 new patients per year
  • Offered customisable forms for new patients, returning clients and tele-consultations
  • Allowed for easy form creation and quick viewing of form responses

About MyChiro

Dr. Steven Lockstone is a chiropractor located in Bondi Junction, NSW, one of Sydney’s busiest suburbs. Dr. Lockstone has been practicing since 2002, and has been featured in GQ, Women’s Fitness, and Men’s Muscle & Health Magazines.

His focus is on chronic and acute pain, including wrist pain, upper back pain, joint tightness and stiffness, headaches and migraines, nerve pain and more.

Many patients come to Dr. Lockstone because they’re looking for a nearby chiropractor, but he also offers initial tele-consultations to determine if chiro is right for them. Both new clients and returning clients can pre-pay and book appointments online.


The Challenge

Dr. Lockstone has given over 12,960 adjustments over the course of his career. With as many as 720 new patients per year, keeping on top of paperwork is a time-consuming process.

While referrals aren’t required for a booking, he’s received up to 3918 of them. His practice is also private health care approved, and patients can claim rebates from most insurers.

All of this adds up to a steady stream of documents that need to be processed.

“I’ve used a combination of different form services,” says Dr. Lockstone, but none of them could provide all of the features he needed.

He often had to reformat documents to meet the specifications of multiple form providers, and “having to stitch features from various providers was cumbersome.”

He was in need of a single solution that could provide customisable online forms, while ensuring the privacy and security of his patients’ health records. That’s where Snapforms comes in.

The Solution

Snapforms provides Dr. Lockstone with an easy way to manage his paperwork online. He chose Snapforms because of “the ease of use and multiple practical features.”

In addition to storing data within Australia in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles, 

Snapforms offers templates for new patient intake forms, referral forms and more.

It’s really easy to create forms,” he says. Instead of switching between multiple form providers, Snapforms allows Dr. Lockstone to consolidate all of his forms in one place.

He can view and download responses at any time, and integrate them into his existing patient management system. He can send auto-replies, get notified when a new form is filled out and embed the forms on his website alongside his booking engine and payment processor.

The quick view is my favourite feature,” he adds. In addition to a built-in dashboard, Snapforms offers advanced analytics to provide more insight into form responses, such as which fields take the most time to fill out or lead to form abandonment.

Ultimately, Snapforms allows Dr. Lockstone to spend less time on paperwork and more time on what he does best: providing top-quality care to his patients.

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