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Case Study: The Snowflake Clinic

Key Solutions:

  • Provided mobile-friendly online forms suitable for telehealth services
  • Offered secure, Australian-based storage and local technical support
  • Allowed for ongoing form creation with an easy-to-use interface

About the Snowflake Clinic

The Snowflake Clinic offers psychological therapy for adults, teens and children ages 6 and up, with a focus on telehealth and videoconferencing. Their areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, autism, disability and more.

The Snowflake Clinic is a member of the TelePsych Online Alliance, and offers both individual therapy sessions, and online group therapy programs for NDIS participants.

Because they provide services remotely, they work with clients all over the country, including rural areas. They also accept Medicare and Workcover referrals.


The Challenge

As a therapy practice with a focus on telehealth, The Snowflake Clinic had a strong incentive to go paperless. But until recently, they relied on traditional forms for all of their sessions:

According to psychologist Jamie Marshall, “Either clients filled out the forms in the waiting room, or else printed them out at home, filled them in, then scanned and e-mailed them back to me.

Not only did this take time and effort, but the end result was that “these forms became part of each client’s ever-increasing paper file.

Additionally, the clinic was looking for a secure, Australian-based online form provider. They had previously tried using one in the U.S., but wanted to work with a local company instead.

Snapforms as a Solution

Snapforms turned out to be an ideal solution. Not only were they able to go paperless, but they could rest assured that their digital information was being stored safely in Australia.

Now, says Jamie, “I receive relevant client information in a digital format, and this has meant that I have truly become a ‘paperless’ practice.”

It was easy to get set up with the help of one of Snapforms’ team members:

After being shown the basics of how the interface works, I have been able to train myself to create forms that are exactly what I want.”

From client intake forms to payment authorisation forms and NDIS referrals, nearly everything The Snowflake Clinic does can be processed using Snapforms. And it’s easier for clients too, who no longer have to deal with stressful paperwork before their therapy appointments:

“It is more convenient for my clients because they can complete these forms using their smartphone if they want.

Although going paperless has already made a big difference at The Snowflake Clinic, Jamie sees even more potential for Snapforms in the years ahead:

I expect to utilise online forms in my business more and more into the future.”

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