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Case Study: Tiger Airlines

Key Solutions:

  • Provided a secure platform for remote employees to respond to staff surveys
  • Offered mobile-friendly forms accessible by QR code for faster responses
  • Collected data into a single document for integration with Excel and other systems

About Tiger Airlines

Tigerair Australia is based out of Melbourne, with an additional base in Sydney. It offers flights to 12 destinations in Australia, including airports in most states and territories.

As the budget-friendly arm of the Virgin Australia group, Tigerair is responsible for carrying over 4.5 million passengers every year.

It has a fleet of 13 airplanes and over 200 cabin crew staff, so communicating with employees while they’re on-the-go or across the country is a top priority.

By continuing to streamline its operations, Tigerair has seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and on-time performance since it launched in 2007.


The Challenge

Until recently, Tigerair relied on email to survey staff members. This meant they had to manually sort through all of the replies, a time-consuming process that often resulted in missed feedback that got left out of the results.

Free online form providers weren’t an effective solution, because they slowed down the process by displaying ads or requiring users to log in before responding: “We found these to be hard to use and difficult for staff to access.

Also, they couldn’t be sure that the providers they were using were handling their data securely, which was a major problem for such a high-profile business.

Snapforms as a Solution

After a colleague recommended Snapforms, Tigerair was able to create more efficient online survey forms that would automatically compile the responses into a single document.

First, they tried it out with a simple survey and found it easy to create the forms:

“I am definitely not a ‘tech head’ and I can easily navigate my way through Snapforms and even work out the formatting.”

Staff members also found it easy to respond to, even when working remotely: “We have created QR codes so our staff can scan them and access the form with a scan of a barcode.” The forms are mobile-friendly and accessible on all devices.

Responses are stored securely on Australian-based servers, and can be integrated with existing tools and documents, such as Excel spreadsheets. This has allowed Tigerair to maintain familiar workflows, while getting feedback from staff members with less time and effort.

When working with the Snapforms team to develop their surveys, Tigerair found them “efficient and able to answer all of my questions.”

Now, they’re able to get fast feedback from staff members any time they need it: “We have been able to get information from our staff who work remotely quickly and easily.”

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