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Snapforms is full of powerful features to help you give customers a better experience, streamline internal processes,
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Form Builder

Create powerful custom online forms and start collecting data in minutes with an easy-to-use set of form building tools.

  • Drag and drop builder

    Create beautiful custom online forms in minutes with our easy to use drag and drop online form builder.

  • 20+ field types

    Use over 20 field types including text answers, multi-choice, dates, file uploads, signatures and many more.

  • Responsive forms

    Build fully responsive forms that automatically adjust to fit on any screen and any mobile phone, tablet or desktop device.

  • Field validation

    Add field validation rules to ensure you get the right information, in the right format so that data is accurate and consistent.

  • Conditional logic

    Show or hide certain form fields depending on the user's answers to previous questions.

  • Multi-page forms

    Display questions across multiple pages to reduce form-filler’s fatigue, create a better user experience and increase completion of long forms.

  • Convert existing forms

    Quickly digitise your existing paper or PDF forms using the drag-and-drop form builder or with the assistance of our team.

  • Save and resume

    Reduce friction and form-filler's fatigue on long forms by giving respondents the option to save their progress and resume the form later.

  • Customisable designs

    Add in your own logo, choose headings, fonts, colours, layout and other branding elements to make your form your own.

  • Form templates

    Edit one of our many pre-built templates to get a head start, or simply start from scratch if you have your own requirements.

  • Language translation

    Reach a broader audience and improve accessibility by enabling users to translate your form automatically into their native language.

Data Collection

Safely collect, deliver and use the information you need to get work done.

  • Hosted form URL

    Every form has its own unique URL link, so you can share it anywhere and with anyone to start collecting responses.

  • Website embed

    Optionally embed your form on your website to make it appear seamlessly as a part of your own page.

  • QR codes

    Effortlessly share your forms with a QR code that can be accessed by any smartphone or tablet with an in-built camera.

  • View responses online

    Log in to your dashboard at any time to view, search and manage form responses and other data.

  • Export data

    Download your data in bulk as CSV rows, PDFs, via our API or multiple other integrations to use your data your way.

  • PDF copies

    Get a PDF copy of each form response sent to you or download it from your dashboard.

  • Analytics and reports

    Use data from one or multiple forms, or even other data sources to create meaningful reports and dashboards.

Notifications and Workflows

Create dynamic workflow processes that help you stay organised while powering your business.

  • Email notifications

    Notify respondents and colleagues that a form has been completed with customisable email notifications.

  • SMS notifications

    Receive high priority notifications for important form responses via SMS.

  • Notification logic

    Send custom notifications to the right people depending on answers in your form.

  • Approval workflows

    Route form submissions through multiple people or departments where approvals or additional information is required.

  • Multi-person submissions

    Let multiple people collaborate, review, and edit information on a single form response to enable multiple signatories, multi-department processes, submission reviews and more.

  • Automatic form closure

    Set a limit on the number of times a form can be completed, before automatically closing it, or choose a limited date range to keep it open.

Field Types

Create engaging, interactive forms with over 20 field types including text answers, multi-choice, dates, files, signatures and many more.

  • Text input

    Choose from a range of text fields to capture short answers, long answers, numbers and more.

  • Choice fields

    Use a range of multiple choice fields including choose one, choose multiple, drop downs, matrix and more.

  • Online signatures

    Allow form users to sign electronically using their mouse or finger to gather signatures for consent, payments, contracts and more.

  • File uploads

    Allow or require your users to upload or attach documents, images or other files as part of their form submission.

  • Calculation fields

    Add fields that automatically calculate a numeric or text-based value based on other answers on the form.

  • Address field

    Enable respondents to effortlessly pre-fill their address by typing just a few characters, instead of their whole address.

  • Accept payments

    Use our platform to take payments directly or integrate with your existing payment provider such as Stripe, Paypal, PinPayments, eWay, Commbank BPoint, NAB Transact and more.

  • Bookings and appointments

    Take bookings that sync with your calendars while letting customers self-schedule and even pay for appointments.

  • Data lookup

    Allow users to select or lookup values from other forms or databases while submitting their answers.

  • Draw on image

    Let users draw on top of an image to indicate their answers such as the location of pain on an image of a body.


Integrate with your own systems to automate and streamline data collection or manual processes.

  • Microsoft Power Automate

    Access form responses automatically from Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) to set up your own internal workflows and integrations with hundreds of services and systems.

  • Make (formerly Integromat)

    Access form responses automatically from Make (formerly Integromat) to connect other apps and automate workflows in a few clicks.

  • Data API

    Pull your data programmatically from our data API to create your own integrations.

  • Practice management integrations

    Integrate form responses with practice management software such as Coreplus, Cliniko, Nookal and others.

  • Marketing integrations

    Integrate your form and data with a number of tools including Facebook, Google, Adobe, Sharpspring, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mailchimp, Salesforce and more.

  • Custom integrations

    Want your form data integrated with your own CRM, data management system or any other software or system? We can create custom integrations to streamline and automate processes for you.

  • Custom form requirements

    Need support with custom or advanced requirements that don't appear to fit? Our implementation consultants can work with you to investigate a solution to your needs.

Security and Privacy

We have developed a comprehensive set of practices and technologies to help ensure the reliability, security and protection of our systems and your data.

  • Australian Privacy Principles

    Snapforms is hosted on servers located in Australia, and all data remains in Australia. We’re proud to be one of very few online form providers compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles.

  • SSL and encryption

    All submission data is disk encrypted under AES-256. Data is encrypted at rest, on servers located in Australia. All of our forms are hosted on 256-bit SSL encrypted pages.


    Protect your form from spam submissions with reCAPTCHA and text CAPTCHA options to ensure only humans are using your form.

  • Audit trail

    All user activity is logged so you can keep track of changes that are made to your form.

  • You own your data

    Your organisation owns the form response data and file upload data.

  • Verify phone numbers and emails

    Automatically verify email addresses and phone numbers, ensuring accurate and consistent data collection.

  • User management

    For larger organisations, enable multiple users with different access permissions and optional single sign-on.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account.

  • Security framework alignment

    Our security controls are aligned with CAIQ, NIST, CMMC, GDPR and ISO frameworks.

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