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Easily automate form calculations.

Add calculation fields that automatically calculate a numeric or text-based value based on other answers on the form.

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Use calculation fields to compute values based on user selections.

Quickly process online bookings, product orders, medical assessments and scores, event registrations, monetary donations, expense reimbursements, employee surveys, and more.

Automatically compute values, quantities, prices, scores, durations, and many more.

Select from a range of choice fields, including Choose One, Choose Multiple, Dropdown List, and Choice matrix, to create your calculation formulas.

Calculation Fields

Add fields that automatically calculate a numeric or text-based value based on other answers on the form.

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Bookings & Appointments

Take bookings that sync with your calendars while letting customers self-schedule and even pay for appointments.

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Accept Payments

Use our platform to take payments directly or integrate with your existing payment provider such as Stripe, Paypal, PinPayments, eWay, Commbank BPoint, NAB Transact and more.

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Online Signatures

Allow form users to sign electronically using their mouse or finger to gather signatures for consent, payments, contracts and more.

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Create and publish your form

Create online forms that automatically calculate values.

  1. Step 1: Choose a pre-made template (such as a booking or payment template) or start with a clean slate, then enter the Form Builder to add form fields and edit the design. Choose from 20+ form field types including a range of choice fields, and a useful selection of form design options including images, headings, logos, and formatted text.
  2. Step 2: Assign numeric values to each of the choices that correspond to your calculation and then add the calculation field. Then build your formula by selecting the fields from the dropdown list. Use symbols such as * for multiplication and + for addition. You can also calculate time between two dates.
  3. Step 3: In Form Settings you can set-up auto-replies, notifications, confirmation pages, workflows, permissions, and more. Publish and share your form right away via your website, social and email. Get notified of submissions instantly via email or text.

Learn more about using Snapforms at our Guides & FAQs.

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