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Manage multiple administrators for your online forms.

For larger organisations, you can enable multiple staff logins with different access permissions and optional single sign-on.

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Have multiple organisation sub-users.

Give personnel their own Snapforms login with the ability to set different levels and areas of access for different staff members. You can combine this with the User Action Logging addon for extra visibility.


The Logs section of your account enables admins to view all form edits (and what the edits were), successful logins and logouts, failed logins, file management actions, and all other actions.

Create secure smart forms with different permissions for different users.

Let multiple people collaborate, review, and edit information on a single form response while maintaining a reliable audit trail of all user activity.

User Management

For larger organisations, enable multiple users with different access permissions and optional single sign-on.

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Audit Trail

All user activity is logged so you can keep track of changes that are made to your form.

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Multi-Person Submissions

Let multiple people collaborate, review, and edit information on a single form response to enable multiple signatories, multi-department processes, submission reviews and more.

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Approval Workflows

Route form submissions through multiple people or departments where approvals or additional information is required.

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Create and publish your form

Create secure smart online forms with multiple users and advanced security options

  1. Step 1: Begin with one of our pre-built form templates or start with a clean slate using the drag-and-drop builder. Customise with your logo and branding and use smart features such as conditional logic and multi-page layout to ensure your responders see only what they need to and enjoy a user-friendly experience.
  2. Step 2: Under Form Settings, click the Security tab to control who can access your form, enable login protection, and set internal user permissions. Click the Workflows tab to enable workflows, as well as manage approvals and multi-person submissions.
  3. Step 3: Publish and share your secure online form via website, social and email. Get notified of submissions instantly via email or SMS. In your Dashboard, click the Logs tab to view all user activity on all forms.

Learn more about using Snapforms, including our user management, security protocols and workflow tools, at our Guides & FAQs.

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