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Process applications online so your team can make better decisions when it comes to hiring, enrolment, grants and more

From job applications to rental applications, our forms make it easy for applicants to provide the information you need all in one place. With built-in tools for uploading documents and e-signing contracts, you’ll never get bogged down in paper applications again.

All form data is stored securely on Australian-based servers, and can be exported at any time, so your entire team can view it before making a decision. Use our auto-responder options to send out an acknowledgement email that the application has been received.

Choose from dozens of templates, such as:

  • Employment applications
  • Student applications
  • Membership applications
  • Grant, loan, or scholarship applications
  • Pet adoption applications
  • Rental applications
  • And more

  • Fully customisable form designs
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Secure Australian solution
  • Done-for-you customer support
  • Beautiful, mobile responsive forms
  • Embed your form on your website
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  • Membership Registration Form

    Create an online membership registration form for your club or organisation.

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    Childcare Enrolment Form

    Gather enrolment details online using a secure childcare enrolment form.

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    Employment Application

    Use an online employment application form to streamline the hiring process.

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    Personal Information Form

    Collect personal information and contact details using a secure online form.

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    Program Registration of Interest Form

    Record interest in your program with a customisable online form

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    Leave Request Form

    Allow staff members to request time off using an online leave request form.

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    New Employee Form

    Use our customisable employee commencement form to streamline your new hire onboarding process.

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    Holiday Rental Agreement Form

    Use a legally-binding online form to get your holiday rental agreement signed.

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    Course Enrolment Form

    Create an online course enrolment form for in-person or online classes.

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    Credit Application Form

    Rely on our fully customisable loan application form template for online borrower applications.

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    Loan Application Form

    Rely on our fully customisable loan application form template for online borrower applications.

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    Scholarship Application Form

    Create simple and accessible scholarship application forms online.

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    Grant Application Form

    Make it easy to apply for grants with a customisable online application form.

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    Permit Application Form

    Process permits online with a secure, easy-to-use application form.

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