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COVID-19 Staff Screening Questionnaire

Screen your employees for Covid-19 risk factors with a questionnaire they can fill out at home and submit online.

Make informed decisions about Covid-19 safety at your organisation with an online staff screening questionnaire that your employees can fill out remotely. Determine which staff members can come to the office and which should work from home, based on factors such as recent travel, contact with diagnosed cases, symptoms and more.

  • Fully customisable form designs

  • Mobile responsive forms

  • Collect signatures within your form

  • Get notified when someone fills out your form

  • View or export form responses at any time

  • Secure Australian solution

Trusted by Australian organisations of all sizes

Streamlined data collection.

Our online forms make it easy for you to collect responses on a recurring basis without generating piles of paperwork. You can export your form responses into a spreadsheet or any other database for easy analysis.

Secure Australian solution.

All of your data is stored securely on Australian-based servers, helping to ensure the privacy of your employees’ health records and compliance with Australian Privacy Principles.

Mobile responsive forms.

Our mobile-friendly forms make it easy for staff members to fill out their forms at home or in their car. Reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission by sending home anyone who doesn’t pass your screening questionnaire.

100% digital workflows.

Encourage your employees to work from home by creating entirely digital workflows. By offering online versions of all of your forms, you can keep things running smoothly while adapting to the new “Covid-normal”.
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