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Incident Near Miss or Hazard Report Form

Ensure that workplace incidents are reported promptly and accurately with an online incident report form.

When accidents happen, it’s important to document them immediately to improve workplace safety and meet WHS reporting requirements. Our secure online forms allow employees to report an injury, accident, near miss, or any other workplace incident from a computer or mobile phone. Get notified right away so you can take the appropriate action.

Any data that’s recorded is stored on our Australian-based servers to ensure that you meet your obligations under the Australian Privacy Principles.

You can design your own form from scratch, or use a pre-made template like the one below.

  • Fully customisable form designs

  • Secure Australian solution

  • Mobile responsive forms

  • Get notified when someone fills in your form

  • Maintain an incident report database

  • Optionally Integrate with existing business management systems

Trusted by Australian organisations of all sizes

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