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Leave Request Form

Use an online leave request form to process requests for time off from teachers, employees and other staff members.

Make it easy to keep track of leave requests all in one place and optionally export them into your existing staff management system. Your employees can upload documents to support their request, and sign the form digitally, cutting down on paperwork and scheduling conflicts that arise from a manual process.

We store your data on Australian-based servers in line with the Australian Privacy Principles, so our forms are suitable for schools, clinics and other privacy-conscious businesses.

Use a prepared template like the one below, or create a customised leave request form.

  • Fully customisable form designs

  • Collect signatures in your form

  • Secure Australian solution

  • Get notified when someone fills in your form

  • Send a reply with auto responder emails

  • Optionally integrate with existing systems

Trusted by Australian organisations of all sizes

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