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New Patient Registration Form

Allow patients to fill out paperwork online using a secure new patient registration form.

Patients can register on their phone or PC before coming in for a visit, or use an iPad at your practice to reduce wait times as well as paperwork. Gather information about Medicare eligibility, emergency contacts and other medical details. Also, get consent to contact the patient via email or SMS to send appointment reminders and other updates.

All of the information submitted is handled securely on our Australian-based servers in line with the Australian Privacy Principles. If needed, you can export responses into your patient management system, providing you with a streamlined registration process from start to finish.

Use the prepared template below, or create a customised form tailored to your practice that meets all of your legal and ethical requirements.

  • Secure Australian solution

  • Collect signatures in your form

  • Mobile responsive forms

  • Either link to the form directly or embed it on your website

  • Allow file and document uploads

  • View or export form responses at any time

Trusted by Australian organisations of all sizes

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