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Secure online forms for Australian education providers

Massively reduce paperwork using our secure, simple-to-use online forms for enrolments, payments, student feedback, applications, signed consent forms, and more.

Trusted by more than 5,000 Australian organisations of all shapes and sizes

Protect your students’ privacy with an Australian-based solution

Replace paper-based methods of data collection with a fully-functional digital solution that complies with Australia’s privacy laws.

Trust a secure, Australian-based solution

Keep all personal information and data safely encrypted and securely stored on servers located right here in Australia.

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Integrate forms with your internal systems

Ask us about integrating your online forms with your existing systems to reduce help paperwork and create more streamlined data collection processes.

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Create customisable forms to suit all your needs

Use mobile-friendly forms to help process enrolments, accept payments, gather course feedback or interest, collect signed consent and permission forms, and more.

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Draw on Snapforms’ multi-user functionality and intuitive form builder with quick access to our friendly support team every day of the week.

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A secure digital solution that adapts to your needs

Reduce time spent on manual data entry by replacing your administrative paperwork with secure online forms.
Snapforms has the functionality and versatility to scale with your growing data collection needs right across your organisation.

Automate all your data collection processes and workflows

Use email logic to send custom emails to specific people and include multiple people in approval flows and other advanced workflows.

Set conditional logic rules to create dynamic forms

Create responsive forms that display or hide specific fields or entire sections according to users' answers to each question.

Integrate your online forms with your existing systems

Connect your online forms and the data they collect with your existing IT ecosystem using Snapforms’ many integrations or developing a custom integration.

Australian education providers trust us to help them with data collection

From childcare centres to higher education, we support educational providers of all shapes and sizes across Australia with mobile-friendly online forms.

It’s easy for a variety of people here at school to either adapt forms or come up with their own forms. I think it’s the ease of use that’s been a big win for us – there’s a variety of people that know how to work Snapforms. It’s been a very easy process getting people on board.

Kristian Wolf - General Manager, German International School Sydney

I worked with the Snapforms team online to get our solution up and running in time and the feedback from our teachers and teacher managers was, wow, this is just an amazing improvement, this is just so much better than the trouble we had last year!

David Spendlove - HR Systems and Data Analytics Manager, Bendigo Kangan Institute
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