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  •   Creating a form - Quick Start Guide
  • Form and form field settings

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   How can I view the responses to my form?
  •   I need a custom integration or solution for my form
  •   How can I publish and share my form to start getting responses?
  •   Is Snapforms secure and reliable?
  •   Where is my data stored?
  •   Do I require any technical expertise to work with Snapforms?
  • Can the Snapforms team set up a demo form for me?
  • Can my users upload files, documents and images to my form?
  • Can I break my form up in to multiple pages?
  •   Can I automatically show or hide questions based on previous answers?
  •   Can forms be embedded in to our own web page or website?
  • Can I use a form template to get started quicker?
  • Can you re-create an existing form I have from PDF or other software?
  • Can I take payment with my form?
  • After submission, how can I redirect users back to the start?
  • What happens if I go over my active form or responses quota?
  • How do I update my password?
  • I see a scroll bar when I embed my form on my website
  • Can we get a notified of a form response to multiple email addresses?
  • How can I hide the “submit” button on a form?

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