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ABN Lookup

Powered by the Australian Business Register (ABR), the ABN Lookup field allows your form users to search for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and automatically populate associated information such as the entity name and address.

Adding an ABN Lookup field

  1. From the Advanced Fields menu, click and drag the ABN Lookup field onto your form.
  2. Enter a question or name for this field.
  3. (Optional) Tick the checkbox if this question is compulsory.
  4. Tick the checkbox to automatically populate other fields after lookup. Take a note of the field names that are required for auto-population.
  5. (Optional) If you want to add placeholder text or further instructions, click Advanced Settings.
  6. Click Save & Close.


Automatic population of additional fields

When adding fields that you want to auto-populate with information from the ABR, the following field names must be used:

  • ACN
  • ABN Status
  • ABN Status Effective From
  • Entity Name
  • Entity Type Name
  • Entity Type Code
  • Address Date
  • Address Postcode
  • Address State

For example, if you want to automatically populate the entity name for the matching ABN, you would add a Short Answer field called ‘Entity Name’. 

If you want to show a different field name, you can achieve this by using the Question (Label) in the field’s Advanced Settings.

You can also set fields to ‘read only’ or ‘hidden’ in Advanced Settings.


Note: The ABN Lookup field is available on the Professional plan and above.

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