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Field Table

The Field Table field allows your form users to add additional rows of the same field(s) for entry of multiple records where required.

Note: The following field types are supported for use in field tables:

  • Short Answer
  • Long Answer
  • Dropdown List
  • Checkbox
  • Choose One
  • Choose Multiple
  • Email Address
  • Date Select
  • Add an Image
  • Heading¬†
  • Formatted Text

Field table setup

  1. In the Form Fields panel (left of screen), under Advanced Form Fields, click and drag the Field Table field onto your form.
  2. Enter an internal table name (this is not visible on the live form).
  3. Enter the button text for adding rows, e.g. Add another child.
  4. Save & Close.
  5. Drag the required field(s) onto the dotted line inside the field table.
    TIP: Fields within each table should be placed side by side.
  6. Save and view the form to try it out.


How conditional logic works in field tables

If a field inside a table depends on a field outside the table, then the whole table column (the same field in all rows) will be shown or hidden depending on the response to the field outside the table.

If a field inside a table depends on another field inside the table, then the conditional logic will apply on a row-by-row basis. The field in any given row will be shown or hidden based on another field in the same row.

To learn more, see Show or hide fields using conditional logic.

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