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Form design

We have a variety of form design options for customising your form.

Before getting in to the specifics of how each option works, you should create your form and read the basics of drag-and-drop, editing and deleting of form fields.

Our available form design options are:

  • Images – Add a banner, logo or other images within your form.
  • Headings – Add a main heading at the top of your form and other headings to break up form sections.
  • Formatted text – Add introduction text to your form and extra text content throughout your form as needed.
  • Divider – Add horizontal line dividers to break up sections of your form.
  • Multi-page forms – Split longer forms in to multiple pages.
  • Conditional logic – Hide/show certain fields based on the answers to other fields.
  • Colours & Font styles – Brand your form using the colours and fonts of you choosing.
  • Custom CSS (advanced) – Add your own custom styling code to take your form styling to the next level.

Once you’re done setting up your form design, don’t forget to head over to the form settings.

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