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Form fields

We have a variety of form field types for building your form.

Before getting in to the specifics of how each form field type works, you should create your form and read the basics of drag-and-drop, editing and deleting of form fields.

Currently Snapforms supports the following fields:

  • Short Answer: The most common text input field. Used to capture short free text entry for most types of information form users such as first name, last name, and any other simple questions.
  • Long Answer: Used to capture longer free text with multiple lines such as descriptions or comments.
  • Dropdown List: Used to present a list which the user can select one option from, such as “Title” or “Gender” or “Country”.
  • Checkbox: Allows for a single checkbox to be displayed on the form, often used as agreements to terms and conditions, acceptance of something or opt-in.
  • Choose One: Radio style button fields. Allowing viewing of a number of options at once, but only selecting one. Often used for a “choose your preference” type field.
  • Choose Multiple: Checkbox style fields. Allowing viewing of a number of options at once and allowing multiple selections. Often used as a “select all that apply” type field.
  • Email Address: Only accepts entries that are in a valid email format.
  • Date Select: Clicking in this field brings up a calendar pop up, allowing a date to be selected.
  • CAPTCHA Verification: Enables a CAPTCHA on the form for further security/anti spam measures.
  • File Upload: Allows the ability to upload files, photos and documents to the form.
  • Signature: Allows the user to digitally sign using their mouse/finger.
  • Poll: Allows for a poll to be presented to the user, the results of which can be shown on the submission page.
  • Payment: Gives you the ability to take payments on your form with credit card or Paypal.
  • Booking: Take bookings based on locations, dates and times. Allows setting availability time slots, capacity and also cancellations.
  • Verified Mobile Number: Gives you the ability to require your users enter a mobile number and verify it using an SMS code.
  • Calculation: Allows you to easily automate form calculations and is great for anywhere you might need to compute a value based on what users select on your form.

After adding and configuring your form fields, head over to the form design setup and form settings.

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