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Form settings

We have a powerful set of form settings to help you maximise your form functionality.

Our available form settings are:

  • Notification emails – Emails instantly sent to you or your staff members when a form response is received.
  • Auto-reply emails – Emails sent to your form users to confirm the submission has been received.
  • Save and complete later – Allow users to save & resume long forms later.
  • Form password – Password protect private forms.
  • Holding page – Temporarily disable forms with a customisable holding page.
  • Workflows – Involve multiple people and multiple steps in your form submission.
  • Permissions – Share forms among multiple staff with form permissions.
  • Confirmation page – Show users a customisable confirmation page when they complete your form.
  • Multi-page forms – Split larger forms in to multiple pages, separated by NEXT buttons.
  • Conditional logic – Show and hide fields conditionally based on answers to other fields.

After you’ve configured your form settings, it’s time to publish and share you form.

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