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Form tags

Form tags can be used to categorise and organise your list of forms. This helps especially when you are working with many forms.
Using form tags is similar to putting your forms in folders but has the benefit of allowing forms to be categorised in more than one way.

Please follow the below steps to set up and use form tags.

1. Log in to Snapforms and click Forms on the left hand side.
2. Next to any of your forms click Actions -> Manage tags.

3. If this is the first time you’re using form tags, you need to create some tags before you can assign any to your form. Click Manage Tags.

4. In the Available Tags section that appears, type your tag name and click Add.
Repeat this process to add as many tags as you need to use for all your forms. You can come back to this section at any time to add or remove available tags.

5. Now that you’ve set up your Available Tags, they will be available to be assigned to any of your forms.
In the Form Tags section, select a tag from the drop down list and click Add. You can repeat this process if you want to assign multiple tags to a form.
6. Once done, click Close.

7. You can repeat step 5 and 6 on your other forms to assign tags to all your forms.

Setup complete!

Now that you’ve assigned tags to your forms, you can always use the Filter by tag drop down at the top of your form list to show the relevant forms using the tags you added.

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