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Formatted Text

Give your form a professional look and feel by adding some formatted text. This could be an introduction to your form, or placed anywhere you want to provide additional content.

Using the rich text editor in the Formatted Text module, you can:

  • bold, italicise, or underline text
  • change the text color, size, and alignment
  • add bulleted or numbered lists
  • add images, links, and tables
  • insert your own HTML code.

Note: Tables in the Formatted Text module are static tables. If you want to add a dynamic table that can be filled in, you will need to use a Field Table

Adding formatted text

  1. In the Design Elements panel (left of screen), click and drag the Add Formatted Text element to the appropriate position on your form.
  2. Enter your text and select the required formatting from the menu bar.
  3. (Optional) To add a border or change background colour, click Advanced Options.
  4. Save & Close.

Aligning images

When adding images as part of your formatted text, you will see that there are additional controls for aligning images. 

To ensure that the image appears correctly when viewing the form online, you need to make the image alignment the same as the alignment set in the menu bar.

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