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Multi-page forms with page breaks

Page break fields are useful for breaking up long forms in to multiple form pages, separated by NEXT and PREVIOUS step buttons.

To add a Page Break to your form, click the Page Break Field in the available fields section on the left-hand side of the screen and drag it to the appropriate place on your form.

Click Save & View Form to view your form from the perspective of your users, and try the multi-step process.


To automatically save and store an incomplete form response as the user proceeds through your multi-step form, click ‘Show Advanced Options’ while editing your relevant page break, then tick the box for auto-saving.
This should be done in the settings on each Page Break field where you want the form to be auto-saved as the user passes that particular page break.

Incomplete form responses can be found in your admin dashboard along with a link to view and continue the form response. Learn more about viewing incomplete form responses here.

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