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User permissions

The multi-user functionality was built for organisations or businesses who have multiple people logging in to the Snapforms dashboard and making changes to forms, using data, editing data, and utilising all aspects of an account. We refer to these users as sub-users of the main organisation account.

Sub-users are great for organisations who have multiple business units that are creating forms and accessing data, but don’t necessarily want everyone to have the same permissions on each form. Each sub-user can create and edit their own forms, or be given access to forms created by other sub-users or the main organisation user.
Access granted can be limited to ‘view only’ to allow them only view access to form data, or ‘view and edit’ to allow them full access to forms and responses.
Access can be granted on a form-by-form basis where you have multiple different forms in your account.

If you have multiple staff members within your team, that require different levels of access to one or more forms or response data, please get in touch with us to discuss setting this up for you.

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