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Pre-populate a form using URL parameters

You may wish to send the same form link to multiple people or groups, and have some of the fields prefilled with different information for each user.
There are two ways to achieve this depending on your use-case. You should try both to see what works best for you.

This is the more advanced way. The alternative way is to use the save and complete later method.

1. First you’ll need your form URL, for example:
Sending this URL to your users as it is will give them the blank form.

2. Now add a question mark to the end of your form URL like this:

3. Then for each field you’d like to pre-populate, add the field name (in all lowercase) and answer like this.: name=John

3. You can pre-populate multiple fields by separating them with an & sign, like this: name=John&last name=Smith&patient

When the user clicks the link, if there are questions and answers in the URL with the above format, they will be pre-populated on the form.
You can create as many of the above links as you need for your different users of the same form.

Note: Depending on your browser, spaces in your URL will be automatically replaced with %20 like this:
It is recommended to use the %20 code instead of spaces in the URL.

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