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SAML SSO for Admin Login

Single-sign on (SSO) with Snapforms provides a faster and more secure way for your staff (forms administrators) to access the Snapforms admin panel. 

This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Set up SSO with SAML

SAML is the recommended way to set up SSO with Snapforms. Please refer to your SSO application’s website for instructions on how to set up SAML SSO as they will vary depending on the identity provider.


SAML SSO configuration information 

Please use the following information to configure SAML SSO with Snapforms in your SSO application:

Note: Replace [[username]] with your Snapforms organisation account username.

Entity ID/Identifier:[[username]]/metadata
Reply URL/Callback URL:
Sign-on URL/Login URL:[[username]]
Logout URL:


Contact Snapforms to complete setup

Once you have set up the above configuration(s), please contact our support team and provide the following information:

  1. SAML App Identifier/Entity ID
  2. Login URL/Sign-on URL
  3. Certificate (Base64)
  4. Logout URL

We will use this information to complete the setup, and will let you know when you can test it out.


Using SSO to log into Snapforms

Once everything is set up, form administrators will need to use the following URL to log into Snapforms:[[username]]

(replace [[username]] with your organisation’s username)


Using SSO to protect forms in Snapforms

SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) with Snapforms can also be used to protect specific forms by restricting access to internal SSO authenticated users only

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