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The Signature field allows form users to digitally sign a form using their mouse on their computer, or their finger on a phone or tablet.


Basic setup

  1. In the Form Fields panel (left-hand side), click and drag the Signature field onto your form.
  2. Enter the question or name.
  3. (Optional) Tick if answering this question is compulsory.
  4. (Optional) Disable ‘type-to-sign’, only allow drawing.
  5. Save & Close.


Show advanced options

Advanced options provide additional controls and functionality as explained in the table below.

OptionTick this if you want to…
Question (Label)Show a different field label (instead of the field name) on the form.

When a Question (Label) is specified, it will override the Question (Name) on your form. 

For example, you may want to:

  • show multiple fields with the same question or label, or
  • use internal field names for reporting purposes, but show user-friendly field labels on the form.
Hide the question (only show the answer box)Only show the input field (without the question/name).
Further instructionsDisplay some informative text just below the field.
Show /hide this field with conditional logicHide this field until certain conditions/responses in other fields are met.

To learn more, see Show/hide fields based on conditions.


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