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Take payments on your form with NAB Transact

If you have an account with NAB Transact, you can use our NAB Transact integration to take credit card payments directly on your online form. Your payments will be securely taken in NAB Transact .

Please follow the steps below to set up the NAB Transact  integration.

Start with an online form

Before you can integrate with NAB Transact  – you need to set up your online form in Snapforms.
Whether you have a brand new data collection idea or you’re already using some paper and PDF based forms, we can help you get up and running with an online form in minutes.

We recommend you check out our 10-minute getting started video or have a look through our written resources and guides to set up your form.
If you have an existing paper or PDF form and you prefer our team create a draft for you to try out, please send us your form and we’d be happy to help!

Set up the NAB Transact integration – Adding the payment field to your form

Set up a form with all the fields you require, then drag in the ‘Payment’ field on to your form.

1. In the ‘Question’ field, enter a heading such as ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Credit Card Details’.
2. Select ‘Tick if answering this question is compulsory’ if users must make a payment before they can submit the form.
3. Choose ‘Nab Transact’ as the payment provider.
4. Enter your Merchant ID and Transaction Password. You need to obtain these from NAB Transact.
5. Enter a payment amount in this format: 100.00
6. Optionally enable ‘Test Payment Mode’ if you’d like to test with fake credit card details.

Once done editing, save your form and start taking payments!

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