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Using short-codes to insert dynamic content

What are short-codes?

Each field in your form has a unique short-code, enclosed in double curly braces {{ and }}, that can be used to automatically display response values.

Short-codes are commonly used to personalise auto-reply emails/SMS and confirmation pages using information provided in a submitted form.

Dynamic default values in form fields

Short-codes can also be used as a default value in a form field to prefill information from another field or multiple fields. 

When a default value is set, this field will automatically populate with the same response value that is entered in the field(s) represented by the short-code.

Where can I find short-codes for my form fields?

To see a list of short-codes for your form, go to Form Settings > Notifications > Auto-Reply Email > Insert form answers

We recommend that you copy short-codes directly from this list to ensure they work correctly. Simply paste them into your email/SMS notifications, confirmation pages, or use them as default values in form fields.

Special codes

There are also a range of special codes that you can use to insert database information that is not entered by a form user.   

Special codeUsed to insert…
{{_autodatetime}}Current date and time stamp
{{_allfields}}All fields table
{{_responseid}}Form response ID


Why are my short-codes not working?

We recommend that you copy/paste (Ctrl c Ctrl v) short-codes directly from your list of form answers to ensure they work correctly. 

Tip: Short-codes should always be lowercase and must exactly match the question field names in your form.

Question name = First Name
Correct short-code = {{first name}} not {{First Name}}

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