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View and manage your responses

There are multiple ways to receive, view and download your form responses.

Option 1: Email Notification
Each time a user fills in and submits your form, you can receive an email notification containing their response.
You can optionally attach a PDF copy of the filled-in form to this notification.

Option 2: Excel/CSV export
You can log in to your Snapforms dashboard at any time and export all your form responses in one CSV/Excel file download.

Option 3: View/manage responses online
You can log in to your Snapforms dashboard at any time and view a list of your form responses online. You can optionally print or download any response from this screen.

Option 4: API and other integrations
Need another way to access your form data, or to have your form data delivered to a specific location or system? Our platform is flexible with integrations that suit your organisation.


Exporting/Downloading Your Responses

Log in to Snapforms using the link, username and password from your welcome email.

1. Click ‘Forms’ on the left hand side to navigate to your forms list
2. You can download all responses by clicking the download icon (2) OR clicking Actions -> Export Responses (3) as shown in the image below.

3. Once you click to download, you can narrow down your export by date range as per the image below:

This will export your responses into a CSV format where you can manage or report on them further using excel.

Note: If your form contains a large number of responses, you will be asked to enter your email address so that your data can be prepared and sent to your email (see screenshot below).

Enter your email address, select your export date and click the Export button. You will receive an email after a few minutes with a link to download your responses.

You may wish to set up an automatic periodic export.

Viewing Your Responses Within Snapforms

If you wish to view your responses within Snapforms you can do this by following the below steps:

1. Click ‘Forms’ on the left hand side to navigate to your forms list
2. Next click “Actions” next to the form you want to view the responses for
3. Click “View Responses” to navigate to the responses of the selected form

You will be taken to the responses list for the selected form. From this view you can delete or download responses in bulk, or view and download additional information on individual responses.

Click ‘View/Download’ next to an individual form response to view more information about that response.

From the window that appears you can:

  1. View all the answers provided in that form response
  2. Edit the response
  3. Download a PDF copy of the form response
  4. Print a text version of the form response
  5. View integration logs for that form response (if you have any integrations set up on your form)

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