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Form workflows

Let multiple people collaborate, review, and edit information on a single form response.

Form workflows allow different people to be responsible for different sections of a form. This feature can be used for:

   Approval flows
   Multiple signatories
   Multi-department processes
   Submission reviews
   and more!

Create flexible digital workflows to suit any process.

Form workflows let you create a single form that allows multiple submitters to fill out their part. You control what sections each person can view and edit. All data submitted by participants is combined into a single saved record.

Easily build the workflow steps

Within any existing form, you can define which fields belong to which steps of the workflow.

Keep everyone in the loop

Set up notification emails for each step of the workflow: when a new submission is received for review and action, when another action is required and when a form submission is finalised.

Streamline your processes

Whether you're setting up a multi-step approval process, enabling staff collaboration across multiple locations or combining customer information with internal notes - workflows help you get the job done.

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