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Date Select

The date field allows your users to select a date on a calendar or slider. Dates received will be formatted as a date.

To add a Date field to your form, click the Date Field in the available fields section on the left-hand side of the screen and drag it to the appropriate place on your form.

Date selector type
You can optionally tick to use scrolling date select instead of the calendar popup.

Advanced Options
While editing your field, click ‘Show Advanced Options’ to configure some of the below options for this field.
Every field has some unique advanced settings specific to its field type. There are however some common advanced settings that are regularly used across multiple field types.

  1. Question (Label): Entering a value in this field will override the ‘Question (Name)’ field as the question shown to users on the form. If you’d like to have multiple fields with the same question shown, you can set different ‘Question (Name)’ for internal reference, and have the same ‘Question (Label)’ across multiple fields.
  2. Hide the question: Ticking this will show the field for the user to type in, without showing the field question.
  3. Min and Max allowed date: Specify minimum and maximum allowed dates to lock your user in to a specific time period.
  4. Disable certain days: Can be used to prevent users from selecting certain days of the week.
  5. Default date: Inserts a default date in to the field. You can enter 0 to have the date default to ‘today’.
  6. Placeholder: Insert some placeholder text that disappears when the field is typed in. This is useful to show the user an example of what they might type in.
  7. Further instructions: Add some informative text just below the field.
  8. Disable all past dates: Prevent users from selecting dates in the past.
  9. Enable time picker: Allow your users to choose a time as well (NOTE: Only works with the ‘calendar’ type date selector). The time picker has some additional options.
    1. Hour increment – Set the increment of hours the user can select throughout the day. 1 is the default choice.
    2. Minute increment – Set the increment of minutes the user can select throughout the day. 1 is the default choice to allow all times however you may, for example, change this to 15 or 30 to allow 15 or 30 minute time slots.
    3. Max. submissions per date/time – Useful for booking/appointment requests, you may wish to limit the amount of form submissions per date/time slot.
    4. Min & Max time – The minimum and maximum time that can be selected.
  10. Conditional logic: This can be turned on to show/hide this field under certain conditions based on answers to other fields. Read more on conditional logic here.

Using the ‘Enable time picker’ option, this field can be used for bookings that run indefinitely/ongoing in to the future (where there is no specified booking dates). For more information on using this field for bookings, check the Booking¬†guide.

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