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Form Password

While it is normally not necessary, you may wish to protect certain forms with a password or login to ensure they cannot be viewed or filled in by anyone except those intended.

You can restrict access to your form in one of these ways:

  • A Username and Password combination
  • Single Sign On (Enterprise only)

To enable a form password, head over to the Form Builder and go to the Form Settings tab.
Click the ‘Security’ menu item on the left hand side.

Tick ‘Lock your form with a username and password’ if you wish to use a username and password. Enter your desired username and password for this form.
NOTE: This username and password does NOT give the holder access to your Snapforms dashboard or any of your form responses/data. It only allows them to view and fill in your form when they visit the live form URL.

If you are on an Enterprise plan and wish to restrict form access to those within your organisation using Single Sign On, you can use the ‘Lock your form with third party Single Sign-on’ option. Please get in touch with the Snapforms support team to enable this.

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