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Verified Mobile Phone Number

This field type gives you the ability to require your users enter a mobile number and verify it using an SMS code they will receive.

If you don’t specifically need the number to be verified, you can use a standard short answer field to collect phone numbers instead.

You can use this field type to:

  • Send confirmation codes for orders, requests, signups, and more
  • Verify phone numbers for enrolment or registration forms
  • Collect phone numbers on your application form
  • Confirm ticket purchases or appointment bookings
  • And more

An SMS fee applies to each verification SMS sent to your users. Please get in touch with us to discuss if you need to enable this field type.

To add this to your form once it’s been enabled for you, drag the ‘Verified Mobile’ field to your form, give it a field label and save.

Once added, view your form to see this in action. Your users will be required to enter their phone number, then click ‘Send code’ to get an SMS on their phone number.

Your user will need to enter the correct code in order to verify the phone number and proceed with the form.

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